Update: August 22, 2023

There were highs and lows today.  The students finished tearing the trike apart just before the last bell rang to go home.  The good news is that it looks like the internals of the engine and still good and a complete rebuild won't be needed.  The bad news is that the stator will have to be rebuilt or replaced and a new jackshaft will have to be fabricated.  Tomorrow the students will start searching online for parts and they will also get started cleaning up the frame.

Update: September 19, 2023

We finally found the time to get some more work done.  The suspension is back on and hopefully, soon she will be sitting on her tires again.  We should start putting the engine together next week!

Today, our awesome maintenance team got our air compressor going so the students could start using the blast cabinet.  Almost everything has been blasted and they are now starting to sand the main frame.  We also purchased most of the parts we need to reassemble the trike.  

Update: August 23, 2023

Today the students started painting!  They also cut the torque rods that support the rear suspension apart.  The plan is to replace the rods but use the original brackets.  They also finished cleaning the frame.  Tomorrow they will rust etch the frame and maybe start painting.  We checked the status of parts and we should start getting stuff in tomorrow.  We are still waiting on engine parts and some other stuff but things are moving along nicely! The students are doing a great job!


Ignition points

Fan Belt

Tillotson Carb Repair Kit

Air Filter

Throttle Twist and Grip

Throttle Cable

Hydraulic Brake Line

Used CCW 340 Recoil

Oil Seals

Axle Bearings

Carrier Bearings

Wheel Bearings

Jack Shaft Bearings

Idler Sprocket

Rod Ends

Front Tire

​Rear Tires

Rebuilt the carburetor to look and run like new!

We needed the u-joints separated from the axles to put the rear differential back together so we turned to two students from Advanced Manufacturing.  They also fabricated torque rods and torque rod brackets for us.  They did a great job!

The clutch was in very bad shape so we had to find another one online.  Luckily there was an identical one out there.  The front forks are back on and the front shocks have also been installed.  Next is the rear differential.

This particular trike was found and purchased by a friend of the CBI program.  He drove all of the way to Kansas to get it. The model is an RTS 340.  It has a CCW 340 engine.  The plan is to restore it back to its former glory.  Keep coming back to see the latest updates.

Alsport Tri-Sport Trike Build

Today they tackled getting the jackshaft apart.  Also, some of the parts that were ordered came in over the weekend so they had to be reconciled with the original order to ensure that everything that was ordered was delivered.  Finally, they started to paint the frame.  It is starting to look really good.

Day 1: August 21, 2023

Update: January 22, 2024

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