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Career Based Intervention

​You may have heard about the Career Based Intervention Program.  Like many people, you may think that it is a program that just exposes students to careers and how to research careers.  

Career exploration is an important part of the Career Based Intervention program but it is much more than that. It turns out that a person in today's workforce is required to be proficient in many skills to be successful. Sure, a well-written cover letter and resume are a good idea.  A great interview never hurts. But what happens after you are hired? The workforce of today needs to have the ability and willingness to learn new skills, be able to critically think and solve problems, and collaborate in a team environment.  They must be able to communicate with their fellow workers as well as potential customers. They must also have the ability to analyze and synthesize information.

Today's workforce also needs to be honest, hardworking, loyal, a self-starter, and possess the soft skills necessary to keep a job and advance in their chosen career field.  A student in the Career Based Intervention program is exposed to all of that. The three foundational components of CBI are experiential learning, targeted interventions, and the program curriculum. The curriculum in the Career Based Intervention program is broken down into seven categories.

1: Post-Secondary and Career Preparation
2: Creativity, Motivation, and Innovation. 
3: Workplace Behavior (Soft Skills)
4: Workplace Technologies (Hard Skills)
5: Culture & Communication
6: Financial Independence

7: Workplace Fundamentals & Personal Wellness

 A Career Based Intervention instructor is not interested in your student just "getting it done".  They truly want to see your student become a success and to do that a student must learn how to become successful.  To that end, the Career Based Intervention program is designed to make sure that students have a full understanding of the lessons taught before they move on to a new subject.  All of this is accomplished by a Career Based Intervention instructor who cares about what happens to their students after they graduate from high school.  An instructor who works to build relationships with their students so their students feel comfortable enough to ask the tough questions. 

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What is Career Based Intervention?