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Career Based Intervention

You are responsible and accountable

Leave excuses at the door. 

If you didn’t do your homework, own it. 

If you didn’t understand the assignment, ask for help.  

If you didn’t study for the test (or quiz), accept the grade and resolve to do better (with my help if necessary) next time.  

If you choose not to follow our rules, you must accept the consequences. 

I am here for the following reasons: 

To Teach You
To Inspire You  
To Help You Grow 

The rest is up to you.

You are accountable

Good or bad, your choices are your own.  Be prepared to reap the rewards or the consequences of those choices.

We are here in person, we can leave the virtual world behind for now.

Be present

Be on time, and participate in what we are doing.  Be a part of the process and focus.

Program Expectations

There is no reason to have these in class, the only thing you need in your ears are earplugs to protect your hearing.