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Career Based Intervention

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With the help of a grant that we received through our local Education Service Center.  We purchased a four-color silk screen machine.  The purpose of the purchase was to teach students how to start and run a small business.  As part of the project, the students researched a learned about the cost of materials, inventory, and equipment.  Their first run of shirts was for a local 6x6 Amphibious group.  The shirts were an easier one-color ink logo.  Future plans include the purchase of more equipment so outside vendors will no longer be needed.  

What the students learned:

In Business

  • Inventory control
  • Material costs
  • Equipment costs
  • Bulk vs. Single Purchasing
  • Customer service
  • Profit margin
  • Packing
  • Shipping costs

Silk Screening

  • Design a logo
  • Create the screen for printing
  • Printing
  • Drying ink
  • Water-based vs. Plastisol Ink

Small Business Project 2021