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Knowledge Bowl State Championship

​7th Place



What is Knowledge Bowl?

It is an academic competition that allows CBI students to compete against each other in both a regional and a state competition

  • It encourages teamwork
  • It demonstrates that learning can be fun
  • It develops student pride, confidence, and study habits
  • It is good for resumes and future employment

Here is how it works!
It contains 2,000 questions and answers from 20 different categories
100 questions per category

Many of the questions focus on content from End of Course Exams, ACT, GED, Work Keys, various credential assessments, CBI classroom and work-related topics financial literacy, and random, fun trivia.What are the categories?

How many divisions are there?

Knowledge Bowl Teams are separated into three divisions based on grade level

Middle School Division

  • CBI Students grades 7 and 8

Junior Divisions

  • CBI students grades 9 and 10

Senior Divisions

  • CBI students grades 11 and 12

What does a team look like?
A team consists of any number of students between three and ten students.

No fewer than three

No more than ten

Team Captain: responsible for settling all differences of opinion among teammates answers to provide the team's final answer.

Team Scorekeeper: keeps track of the teams score for each quarter using the provided scores sheets.

What Knowledge Bowl is not!

There is no public speaking

Students do not talk into any microphones

It is not like jeopardy where the first/quickest team to respond with the correct answer gets the points

All teams have the ability to answer correctly and earn points for every question

When and where are the competitions?

Regional Competition

Teams compete against other teams located in their region

State Competition

Top three teams from each division from all 12 regions compete for the State Championship

State Championship takes place April 16, 2020  at the Honda Heritage Center
24025 Honda Parkway, Marysville, OH 43040

The cost to team members is zero.  All team members' transportation, food are all paid.  The only thing team members need to bring is their knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to work as a team.  The CBI program will take care of the rest!

Once again I thank you for allowing your student to participate, I am sure they will all have a positive experience and will want to go back every year.  

Knowledge Bowl

The State Knowledge Bowl Competition is April 21, 2021.

Knowledge Bowl State Championship

​2nd Place